Finance or Lease Your Next Car with the Help of the Toyota Experts in Easton

Koons Easton Toyota Finance Center

Once you've landed on the vehicle that you'd like to purchase or lease; the next step is (most likely) figuring out financing! The Koons Easton Toyota finance team is prepared to help Easton area drivers with finding a financing option that meets your unique needs. From leasing to buying, one of our finance experts will work with drivers to find an auto loan, leasing, or finance package. Our finance team is connected to a vast network of lenders, helping to ensure that drivers from Cambridge, MD to Salisbury (and beyond) get a fair finance deal.

Online Finance tools

Here at Koons Easton Toyota, we understand that shopping in person might not be the most convenient option for some drivers. With that in mind, we're proud to provide Easton area drivers with an array of digital retailing tools to assist with vehicle financing! Our online finance center allows drivers to fill out an online finance application, value a vehicle trade-in, and estimate your monthly payments! Of course, Easton area drivers can always contact a Koons Easton Toyota finance team member if you prefer! Drivers can also utilize our digital retailing tools to browse our latest new and used vehicle inventories! 

Buying Vs Leasing

Buying a vehicle ensures that drivers will own the vehicle completely at the end of your loan payment period. Comparatively, leasing provides drivers with an option to lease a vehicle for a set number of years (usually between 2-6 years) and will return the vehicle to the dealership at the end of the leasing contract length. If you enjoy the freedom that comes with changing your vehicle every couple of years, a lease might be for you. If you aren't overly concerned with swapping out vehicles every couple of years, buying a vehicle might be for you.

Finance Options Easton

Have a few questions about finance options? Feel free to reach out to our team of finance professionals to go over any lingering questions! Our team is ready to assist drivers with practically every step of the vehicle finance process! Salisbury drivers can look to Koons Easton Toyota with confidence!

No-Hassle Trade Evaluation
Our trade-in experts at Koons Easton Toyota will give you the most market reflective vehicle pricing for your used car, truck, van, or SUV.

Buy vs Lease
Buying a car is easy, how you pay for it is a little more involved. If you're looking for information on what works better for you click here.

Quick Links to help with your financing questions:

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A quick payment and interest calculator.
  The FTC has some info for you on vehicle financing.

Auto Finance Vocabulary

Buying a vehicle is an easy process. Like any industry, however, the financing world has its share of odd and sometimes difficult to understand language. Here's a short list of the most common terms used during the finance process:

> APR:
The Annual Percentage Rate

> Assignment:
A transfer of a loan from one lender to another

> Base Price:
The costs of a car with standard equip incentives & freight

> Certificate of Title
A Legal document issued by a state at the time of sale.

> Co-signer:

A person who takes on a loan if the orig. borrower stops pay

> Default:
Failure to meet the terms of the loan

> Interest:
A percentage charge for a loan

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

> Refinance:
When one loan is used to pay off another

> Term:
The length of the loan, 24, 48, 60... months

> Underwriting:
Verifying the data used to obtain a loan
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