The 2020 Toyota GR Supra - A Heritage of Performance

The latest Supra model is set to arrive soon but let's not forget the history behind the storied performance vehicle!

The Toyota GR Supra is stylish, powerful, and laden with tech and comfort features. But, where did this futuristic vehicle come from? Did it just appear, fully formed? No, the Supra appeared first in the late seventies and then evolved to become the vehicle it is today.

The Celica Supra (A40)

Looking quite different than the GR Supra, the Celica Supra A40 features an angled rear roof, triangular windows, and a sporty body style. The heritage is there, but it's quite loose when compared to the GR Supra.

The Celica Supra A60

The next vehicle to carry the Supra torch was the Celica Supra A60. Featuring a new body style that featured flared fenders and flip-up headlights, the Celica Supra added more sport to the equation. One of the major changes that came to the A60 was the offering of a performance model: the "P-Type". The P-Type was the first iteration that brought performance to the forefront.

The A70 Supra

Separating from the Celica and becoming a solo model, the Supra A70 was the very first iteration of the Supra to standalone. Not only did it standalone, it also stood out. Featuring a new exterior design, the A70 also added in a powerful 3.0-liter engine and a handful of performance features.

The A80 Supra

The last iteration to be seen until the current new release of the 2020 GR Supra, the A80 brought rounded styling, even more power and performance, and the notorious rear spoiler.

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