Efficiency & Performance Combine on the New Rav4 Hybrid

Cambridge, MD drivers looking for a versatile vehicle that sports a deft mix of tech, power, efficiency, and comfort can look to the new Rav4 Hybrid with confidence. Whether you're an Easton driver that's interested in a modern vehicle that bridges the gap between classically functional and modernly high-tech, or you're a Salisbury driver that's looking for a roomy SUV with versatile tech and performance, the new Rav4 might be the perfect for Milford, DE drivers.

New Performance Features Available on the new Rav4 Hybrid

The new Rav4 Hybrid introduces the all-new XSE trim to the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid lineup! The XSE trim is a sporty version of the Rav4 Hybrid. The new XSE trim features a sport-tuned suspension for increased handling enjoyment along with five-spoke sport alloy wheels and standard two-tone exterior color with midnight black metallic roof.

Additional Performance & Efficiency Features

Seeing as this is a hybrid vehicle, Cambridge, MD drivers can look forward to a 2.5-liter hybrid engine that provides 219 horsepower. All new Rav4 Hybrid vehicles come with all-wheel drive. However, this isn't your average all-wheel drive system. The new Rav4 Hybrid comes with electronic on-demand all-wheel drive. This system has a dedicated electric motor that will automatically supply power to the rear wheels, when needed, for instant traction assistance. The Toyota Rav4 Hybrid also comes with an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission that helps to increase overall driving comfort and efficiency. The electronically controlled continuously variable transmission works by using an electric motor to help the engine stay at its most efficient rotations per minute (RPM); this helps create optimal fuel consumption, allowing for more power from less fuel.

Interested in learning more about the new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid and its selection of Performance and efficiency Features? Stop by Koons Easton Toyota Today!

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